Coperate Society Responsibility

Hold sustainable management perception to implement three spirits to daily operation.

Partner care

Build up partnership between employees, suppliers and customers in benefit sharing. Employees are GMT’s main asset, and we care employees’ health and working area.
We assist suppliers and customers to improve operation efficiency for sharing.
Employees are encouraged to have exercising community as well as constant improvement in skill and knowledge.
Improved quality of working space as well as gender equal of working environment for more comfortable working.

Environmental care

GMT devote own responsibility as a citizen of earth need to do for environmental sustainability from basic energy saving such as electricity and water recycled system implemented in regular consumption daily.
Participations of beach and mountain cleaned-up activities for environmental protection.
Green electricity energy adapted and shared from collection by invested solar boards on roof of the manufactory building.
Recycle actions implemented to material categorized on daily wastes to reduce trash volume.
Pursuing the best efficiency of material consumption constantly.

Society care

Accomplished two children’s dream of hot air balloon tour in Balloon festival in Taitung city, Taiwan.
Sponsored support for “Serving bath plan for PVS at home “held by Genesis Social Welfare Foundation with ChangHua Nanhsing Elementary School.
Constantly grow technical profession through projects of Industry-academia cooperation/collaboration with Vocational High Schools, Universities of Science and Technology of Taiwan since decades.
To take care disadvantage group by participating and support activities in social communities.