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    2-Phase Bipolar Closed Loop Driver

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    ★ Based on operation mode, Q-SERVO could be divided into gripper mode, positioning mode and driving and control in one.
    ★ Gripper mode:Easy operation, Humanized user interface, Easy setup, Convenient testing
    ★ Positioning mode:Common control mode, Closed loop control, Advanced drive/control IC, Dynamic current adjustment
    ★ Driving and control in one:Built-in all process control table, Built-in movement controller, Programmable I/O, Multiple home mode.


    ★ Closed-loop system.
    ★ High positioning resolution.
    ★ Energy conservation.
    ★ High-speed and synchronous communication interface.
    ★ Standard movement protocol.


    ★ Variable torque control mode
    ★ Four drive modes and three control mode are available
    ★ High speed, High torque
    ★ High-precision position positioning
    ★ High reliability system
    ★ High response
    ★ Low heat generation and energy saving
    ★ Shorten the setting time when stopping
    ★ High-speed position interception and output comparison
    ★ Position motion control mode